Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time Never Slows Down

Well, I'm in a for a personal shock.

There's only 8 days until I make my departure for Thailand.

I finally received my guarantee form about a month and a half ago, and so I booked all of my flights. I'll be departing Fort Nelson at 1 p.m. on August 12th, a Thursday. I'll have a ten hour layover in Vancouver, then I take a flight to Hong Kong--again, two hour layover---then Bangkok, and then the lovely CHIANG MAI.

There's only 8 days!

I can't describe this excitement to anyone!

I've been in frequent contact with other students exchanging to Thailand. There are some amaaaazing people I will be enjoying this adventure with, and I can't possibly be more thrilled! This girl from Mexico is probably the one I speak to on a regular basis. It'll be fantastic when I finally see all of them in person! :D

Tomorrow, my official "one week til I leave", is the date I have chosen to begin packing. I don't believe I'll be as neurotic as some fellow CS-ers, but I'll in no doubt be repacking constantly just to make sure everything is right. I'm thankful I still have eight days to get everything prepared, though.

My laptop is still in confinement, but hopefully the screen will arrive soon! I need it for my ten-hour layover in Vancouver!

I don't have much to say either than that. The date is fast-approaching, and I'm almost entirely prepared.



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