Thursday, August 12, 2010

And I'm Stuck Beside Burger King

This morning was very early for me. I woke up at seven, too excited to sleep any longer even though I had only rested for about five hours. Katelyn and my sister, Katelyn, (too many Kate's, haha) joined me in my room for the night, so when I woke up, they had no choice but to join me. We finished cleaning my room, my mom helped me packed, and then I prepared for the journey of a lifetime.

I went to say a few goodbyes. It was very emotional, but I managed to contain my tears. My overwhelming excitement was definitely a primary contribution, because when you're going on exchange for ONLY ONE YEAR, you really have no time to be sad! :D

Anyway, afterwards, we loaded up the van with my luggage and everyone else and headed to the airport. I met Kathy and Dr. Mostert there, and I was really happy to see a few Rotarians before I left. As a side note, I'd like to mention that I will be corresponding with the Fort Nelson news every two weeks to share my experience, so that's very exciting as well! :D

Anyway, the plane left at 1:10, and so I said goodbye to all of my family and my best friend. Again, I held in those tears, but it was a lot more challenging. I will surely miss everyone, but I know I'm ready for this new chapter in my life to begin.

The flight itself was not difficult whatsoever, either. I seated myself beside Ms. Mercer, which I thought was very fortunate on my part, as it wasn't so lonely. The trip to Dawson Creek was only fifty-five minutes, and then security, then right back on that plane again. This time, I managed to fall asleep, before our ascension had even completed. This flight was about an hour and forty minutes, but it didn't feel long whatsoever. Upon landing, everyone departed the plane and I followed the crowd to baggage claim. It was only a few minutes before our luggage arrived, and just like in Dawson Creek, mine was one of the first. That usually never happens! :D

Then I had a tiny, tiny challenge of finding the International flights. Following the sighs was easy, but then they lead up a staircase. I'm currently using one of those carts to help me with my luggage, so that wasn't possible. Thankfully, after walking around like a blind tourist, I discovered an elevator and went to check-in.

Then the only bad news: my flight it as three in the morning (specifically 2:45 a.m.) and Cathay Pacific apparently doesn't allow check-in until three hours prior to departure. I just had to groan and then put on my Rotary smile. What can you do, right? :) A kind lady directed me towards a food court where I fed my famished stomach and now I sit here, typing this. It's now six hours until I'm able to check in. I'm actually not too concerned about this. I'll find someway to amuse myself until then, while battling the urge to sleep, haha.

That's really all for now. :) I hope to have a new installment with pictures included later on tonight!

Sawatdee-ka, Fort Nelson~ <3


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